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Jim Hill has been publishing "The Stagecoach" for a long time. This wonderful newsletter is centered around the Texas Packard Meet. He mails it our twice a year, once before and once after the Meet. It is free and loaded with useful and entertaining information. He even includes free ads, space permitting. He also does the Source List which gives sources for all things Packard. Below is copied the information from the Member's Advertisement page related to Jim and his work.

"The Stagecoach" is a newsletter mailed out twice a year by Jim Hill (one before the meet, one after). He includes lots of information about the meet, lots of information about the hobby and free ads. Contact Jim at jnrhill@att.com or send him mail at 1419 College Dr, Emporia, KS, 66801. He will mail you the newsletters for free and even place an ad for you free, space permitting. He also compiles and sells the most comprehensive Source List for things Packard in the world. He charges a nominal amount for it. You can contact him via email or snail mail to buy a copy. Or, he should have some for sale at the meet.


In Jim's Own Words



or ….. “Sources of Packard Parts & Services”

Now in its 35th year… hoping for good health to continue

for many more years supplying info on “who sells what”

of Packard parts and services, in about 45 pages including

the names, addresses, phones, faxes, web sites & e-mails,

and always with an “absolutely perfect guarantee.”

Send $7 to: James Hill, 1419 College Drive

Emporia, KS, 66801

620-342-4826 and jnrhill@att.net

Buy it at a discount at a Packard club regional meeting.


The Stagecoach

This publication is intended to be an encouragement for Packardians to register and attend the Meet each April.

Publication dates are  20 December (mailed early January) and 20 May(mailed early June).  The December issue contains information for the automotive hobby and information about the meet with registration papers.  There is advertising for "want and for-sale" free to the hobby if print copy is supplied (done as a service to our Packard hobby).  The May issue contains information abut what happened at the meet and what will involve the coming April meet.  Again there is free advertising for the Packard hobby as a service specifically for Packards.   I pretty well do all of this as a service to the meet; in the past my only remuneration has been the postage I use for mailing (I handle the cost of publishing myself.)      


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